More on Scout-A-Bout

It is a well established fact that temperature plays a distinctive role in the activity of fish.  However, up until now, taking the temperature of the water at depth has been either difficult or prohibitively expensive.  On-board fish finders measure only surface temperatures and subsurface 'torpedoes' run in the hundreds of dollars.

Challenge accepted!  We have your back, with the Scout-a-Bout®!  Now you can find the spots on any lake where cold springs empty, bringing in fresh, cool water and nutrients for the fish to enjoy.  You can also use your new fish scout to discover the layers of cool subsurface water where the fish are often hanging out waiting for some tasty bait to drop in.

So what exactly IS the Scout-a-Bout?  Simply put, it's a thermometer that you will want to take along for every fishing excursion.  But it does more than just take the temperature, it also indicates the type of fish you should be looking for in those waters.

Why is this thermometer special?  Excellent question! 

  • The Scout-a-Bout® is completely self-contained.  Everything you need in order to use the Scout is right on the unit, embedded in hard resin that makes it virtually indestructible! 
  • We've strived to keep the Scout accessibly priced.  Coming in under $20 (including shipping), it costs less than some high-end lures.  And we believe you will find it more useful in helping to reveal the secrets of the lake, hidden just beneath the surface. 
  • It's also totally non-electronic which means no costly batteries to replace and no annoying chargers or cords to keep up with.
Plus, if you should ever lose your Scout, there is no danger of environmental pollution and, it's moderate price point makes it painless to replace!

    Okay.. So how does it work?  We're so glad you asked!  Weighing in at a mere 2.3 ounces, the Scout-a-Bout® is easily attached to the end of your fishing line.  Simply drop it straight over the edge of the boat or cast it out to the middle of the lake, wherever you want to scout for fish.  Allow about 5-7 minutes for the Scout to lock on to the temperature then, reel it back in.  Holding the Scout in your own shadow, so the direct sunlight can't warm it, read the accurate temperature highlighted in green.  The convenient scale on the side is optimized to show you which type of fish you should be looking for based on the temperatures you are finding.  If the temperature is right, you're good to go! It's that easy!

    So whether you are a tournament winning Bass angler, or a weekend hobby fisherman, order yours today and "Catch more fish!" with the Scout-a-Bout®!